About Us

The idea for Scent With Intent came over a lunch in early 2014. We expressed how dissappointed we were to learn the use of Palm Oil in many of our favourite  including food, cosmetics, skin care, and candles.

Then the thought struck. We can make educated choices about the food and skincare products we buy; but what about candles? How did we know what we were buying was Palm Oil and cruelty free? How did we know that the soy wax was, in fact, ‘pure’? How could we trust products when companies can hide their ingredients under umbrella terms such as ‘Vegetable Oil’?

The truth is we didn’t.

Our mission was clear.

After extensive research we began to source the most ethically produced ingredients we could find to make our own scented candles.

Not only did we want to have ethical and cruelty free candles to enjoy ourselves but we knew if we were looking for an alternative, so were others. So we are offering consumers another choice.

Scent With Intent is all about purpose and as the name suggests, Intent.  Our intent is to be as as ethical and as cruelty free as possible.  If we find a more ethical ingredient to what we already use we will source it an use it in our products.